So I’ve been thinking a lot lately … About how much a sense of belonging matters to every one of us. It’s human nature that the normal person craves for life’s simple things like acceptance and recognition. We only falter when sometimes we feel like we must receive the highest form of praise and acknowledgement. This isn’t always achievable as most times, there can only be one winner. But think about this – even the simplest form of acceptance like receiving a Like or a Comment or a word of encouragement following your postings sometimes means quite a lot deep down.

Looking at our music industry – a lot of artistes feel neglected or ignored by the Kenyan audience. Many people have blamed other global pop hits or the proliferation of West African music for that. Whichever the case, times have changed and the power has since shifted from a few media people and gatekeepers to your hands. If you are an artiste or person willing to share your content with the world – you don’t only need TV or radio – you can simply reach audiences who would never be watching TV or reading the newspapers anyway – simply via the internet. When will all artistes learn that they have the power to self-promote themselves only via social media? When will all fans realize that they are the award-givers and decision makers?

Here, at my collective (Anyiko PR) we love to celebrate genuine and authentic talent and African culture. We see the genius in many artistes who don’t even see their own potential or know that they are stars. That’s why we are coming up with a system of recognizing them and connecting them with their audiences. If you have been listening to Kenyan music in the past few months, we are looking to find out: Which 5 Kenyans songs would are your biggest and baddest from Jan – March (2017)?

You can inbox or DM the @anyikopr pages on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Or just comment right here. Time to pick your stars!