DSC_5190.JPGFrom the bottom of my heart, I just want to say thank you to everyone who sent me birthday messages in form of flowers, posts, tweets, calls and texts on my birthday September 4th. Got nothing but love for y’all – thank you again! I just had the best year of my life! Where do I start? I met the man of my life.

Being in love every day and making great memories made my segregation of time worthy. I now know when to stop working and bother to set time aside just for cuddling and to do the sweet nothings that relationships can emit. Each day feels more special than the first day we met and I keep looking forward to more.

I made some drastic changes and decisions, even I didn’t see them coming. After 10 years of building the brand – Sauti Sol – I honestly couldn’t be prouder of myself and each and every member of Sauti Sol and everyone who has played a role at raising and empowering them. My exit was an unplanned move. I didn’t even know it then but it was time to branch off and concentrate on my own self, brand and business.

We worked so hard and so consistently to get to the top and you know what they say about staying on top. So as Sauti Sol take onto a new phase of their brand and career, I am happily starting over – my own company and the endeavor to see myself build and complement other strong brands. I feel so lucky and special to have worked with them in the capacity of their Publicist for 10 years and looking forward to working together again, on projects and such.

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ION – Check out Anyiko PR website.

My return to Coke Studio Africa as the Publicist of the show for a third year makes my heart beat with joy! I love this show so much! It has taught me to work like a machine, a lot professionally, and of course it fuels my love for discovering new music!

Coke Studio Press Briefing-25

Imagine working with over 65 artistes from over 18 African countries? Imagine having only about 2 months to listen to all their music and get to understand and sell their brands? Mind blowing!

Coke Studio Press Briefing-52.jpg

I blogged about Meeting and Working with Jason Derulo – read!

My music and work related travels always make my years memorable. Working as Publicist of Gidi Fest in Nigeria was a cool experience – teaching me that being African will get you anywhere – no doubt! You might like this: 10 Things to do in Lagos

Visiting the Fela Kuti shrine over a couple of days and filing my Fela Kuti blog series was a necessary cultural experience and something I always wanted to do. Enjoy the series:

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Travel to Lamu, Djibouti, South Africa and Czech Republic also made my year special! Read my travel blogs:

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My recent sejour in Uganda was an eye opener and coincidentally the first destination of my 2017 East African round trip. I just woke up one day and realized that East Africans and East African countries are so close to each other yet so far. We have to make an effort at connecting, and knowing each other and our industry better and it starts with you. It starts with me. I feel.

Here’s part 1 of my tales from Uganda: Tales from Kampala: Katogo, Luwombo and Music Popping

As I take onto a new year, I am amazed at the strength of hitting rock bottom. In the past years I thought I was doing so much, so good and almost all I could but in the past year, I realized that I am yet to stretch my potential. I was forced to leave all that was making me comfortable to start afresh. I have taken some of my biggest risks yet. I have founded an agency, hired people and had to become not just my own boss but leader of a new school creative collective. Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.


Unlike my start of all the past new years, this year I feel exceptionally brand new, rejuvenated and different – byproducts of growth and progress. As we set off to better days, trust me – never be too comfortable. Travel wide, and act on your instincts ASAP. My latest trip to Mara was magic!

BONUS: World’s best balloon ride is atop Maasai Mara: Vlog

Thank you to my friends, family and lovers for making this past year so memorable. Let’s do it again!