my penAfter having been the unofficial Chair lady of the Singles Club for about three years now, it is with dignified pleasure that I announce my resignation. Contrary to the anticipated, I am still a single lady so don’t be thinking that I am now hooked, hitched or whatever you like to call it but like gleaming fresh tomatoes—I now feel like it’s time to be proudly out there in the proverbial market. My Facebook Relationship Status is still as standing. However, my guard is lowered as I finally gave someone a chance into my life. Someone I have known for 10 years now, a time during which they had been trying to make me notice them. But like ordinary people, I was blinded by a veil of bygone loveless relationships, immaturity and the haggardness of dealing with a one-time long distance relationship that only recently started to fade. Now I see and feel much better.

The little things Mr. Mystery Man does like kissing my forehead smack in the middle of the night or my arm in the morning—make me smile. Sometimes we talk about how we first met a decade ago, and then look at present day comparing and contrasting how far we have both come, albeit separately. He’s a good man because he respects me and other women. I am yet to see more of his goodness, if any. He’s thoughtful and sweet. In the middle of the day, he comes by my office just to say hello. When I am on night shift, he turns up in the middle of the night and waits up till I am done, then we sit in the car for hours talking about everything and nothing till the wee hours of the morning. Who really killed chivalry? All these things and some gutsy feeling tell me that I am either too vigilant or he’s got the potential of becoming more than just a friend. I hardly ever feel the need to write about any man so let it be known that this post comes from a special place. A modest and unknown quote goes that; “To live forever, impress or depress a writer.” For these clashing extremes most often act as endless muse. Mine could be yet another infatuation or case of mistaken identity. But since ditching Team Forever Alone (at least mentally), it’s a no-brainer that Mr. Mystery Man has inspired me to be a better woman, in every kind of way. So much that he’s worth writing home about. Oops! I meant blogging about 🙂