The world is a beautiful place that we will never fully understand or consume as a whole. We think we are the best. And that these are the best of times. But everyday, we meet new people or experience new things, all bringing new meaning to life. Everyday we experience new challenges and disappointments, all that make us stronger, and wiser. We dream of the future, but we will never know of what it holds. We pray for health, wealth and prosperity but we will never know what’s in store for us, until it is ours. We sometimes take for granted that which we have, not knowing that it’s precious, and better than if we never had anything.  We forget to realize that there’s no going back to yesterday. Like F. Scott Fitzgerald stated in the finale of The Great Gatsby, “Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch our arms farther. So we beat on …”–there are so many more beautiful songs yet to be written, more beautiful souls yet to come into the world, so many more memories to be accumulated, so many more heart breaks, triumphs and  life lessons awaiting us. There’s so much from all of us, that could never end before the end of time.