screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-11-44-36-amApart from my boyfriend, only Hennessy has asked me out on a date recently. When I receive the special invite to dinner, I really wonder what new experience they would present me that I haven’t been receiving already. It’s always best to dine with Tomas because of our extra curricular things like holding hands, sharing food or fighting over the last bite. And because I am a lightweight, he knows exactly how to handle my misbehavior when I get tipsy.


On arriving at Nairobi Intercontinental Hotel’s Le Chateau for dinner, I am greeted by mind-blowing Hennessy cocktails. I excitedly gobble two glasses I even forget to ask the mixologist what the explosion of flavours we are having is made of.

Hosted by Laurent Dominguez, Hennessy’s Brand Development Director and Alexandre Helaine – the Marketing Manager of Moët Hennessy, Hennessy’s dinner is the epitome of class and taste. I see a good mix of Nairobi’s top editors, fashion stylists, top bloggers, media personalities, journalists and I am the only Publicist in the house. “You probably know everyone here,” Alex jests. I actually do.


Hennessy has me sold right when I see each of our names marked at the dinner table – so special. I am sitting next to Laurent, Alex and their ambassador Shaffie Weru. I am not big on drinks and cars – I just down it if it tastes good and drive it if it moves on four wheels. So I am really hoping that I only open my mouth at dinner when necessary. Later I feel at ease. I am in the company of cool peeps and sitting next to Shaffie is the best thing. Throughout dinner he keeps whispering to my ear when and how to drink Hennessy’s different expressions. I fall in love with the neat Hennessy V.S.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.45.21 AM.png

Hennessy has a special menu for us—Steam-cooked Lobster, Consomme of Chicken, Seared Fillet of Cumin Spice Beef and Coffee Tiramisu. How it’s served is like a movie. I’ve never seen waiters anywhere as coordinated as when the Hennessy x Intercon team walk into our dining room to deliver the food and pick the plates. It’s almost like a battalion or how Ocean’s 13 would enter a jewelry store to conduct a strictly timed heist. I marvel. “You should have seen how the waiters at dinner with Hennessy in South Africa moved,” Shaffie tells me.

Congrats to the menu’s elaborator Simon Wanjau – that was the best Lobster I ever had and a pretty impressive dinner! As we dine, Laurent effortlessly chats us back into the history of Hennessy V.S (Very Special), V.S.O.P (Very Superior Old Pale) and the X.O (Extra Old). You bet I run off soon after, before the staggering or dancing begins 🙂

I thought juxtaposing dinner with Hennessy to the experience of dining with my boyfriend would be far off … well … sort of … but still … I felt so special and my savoir faire was once again upgraded. Thank you Hennessy.