FullSizeRender 4Lagos is the most hectic place I’ve been to but again the place that spurs the hustler in me. It’s correct that third time’s a charm – as my third time in Lagos was the best so far. I already knew my way around and the Dos and Don’ts so this time I wanted to let you in on what else you must do while in Lagos. Enjoy!

1. Eat Suya

Suya is Nigerian spicy skewered meat, usually served and easily available on the streets, especially at night. The thinly sliced meat is marinated in spices made in peanut cake. It’s served with powdered dried pepper mixed with spices and sliced onions, and tomatoes (optional). The best Suya is in the Mainland at a spot called Suya University by Allen Avenue.

2. Take a Danfo


A Danfo is the bright yellow public transport vehicle – their matatu. One day at the market I wanted to take a pic right by the Danfo but the local drivers, conductors and market people were interrupting, yelling – “Move away from the Danfo! It’s spoiling the pic!” Little did they know that it is that very Danfo that I wanted. Like in Nairobi where some people frown over the Matatu culture, Lagos Danfos are sometimes frowned upon for many reasons but I just love them! And when I see their thick mustard yellow colour and sorry-state affair, I can’t confuse them for anything, or place them anywhere other than Nigeria.

I blogged about my first Danfo ride, read: Back to Nigeria: Riding in a Lagos Danfo

3. Go to Balogun Market


Located in Lagos island, Balogun market is the place to go if you’re looking for the lovely Ankara and Kente fabrics of the world. While there, it’s always great to see all the fabrics I’ve ever wanted and have time to choose from them.


But yo! Balogun is the most congested market I’ve been to all my life. The market should also be tagged international. They are selling hooves, meat, hairs, clothes, gold and pretty much anything you could ever think of.

4. Attend Gidi Fest


2017 was my first time at GIDI FEST and I had a ball! I’ve never been at a festival with people from so many African countries and cultures. Apart from making new friends, it was also cool to jam with a different crowd in a different city. Loved the festival’s venue by the beach at the Eko Atlantic, which is still under construction on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean. When it’s done this will be Nigeria International Commerce City – something like the Dubai of UAE.

Watching Diplo, Davido, Burna Boy, Seyi Shay and Reekado was fun! Simi killed it BTW. I also enjoyed working (providing PR support) at the festival—a platform promoting African entertainment, music and cultural diplomacy. You must check it out every Easter!

5. Spend a night or two at Eko Hotel


It’s one of the most prestigious hotels in Lagos but I never get it because it would probably be a 3 Star in Kenya. However, Eko is like a little town and has got one of the most prime entertainment venues – Eko Convention Centre. I always bump into celebs or friends while there. At night, the pool lights up in multiple colours. So beautiful! Check it out.

6. Dine at Jamo-Afrique


I discover the Nigerian/Caribbean restaurant Jamo-Afrique by mistake. It happens to be owned by Runtown’s Manager whose office is located above the restaurant. I was going to his office, after which, accompanied by a colleague at GIDI FEST – Korede, we decide to try out the food. I rushed to Edikainkong because I remembered it’s Yemi Alade’s favourite dish! She told me at my YUMMY Magazine interview with her last November. Edikainkong is quite similar to the Luo version of Osuga. I had it with Amala (Millet Ugali quite similar to Luo version of Kuon Bel) and Croaker Fish. The meal was spicy, hot and nice! Must have!

7. Visit the New Afrika Shrine


I really enjoyed my retracing Fela Kuti series. There is no better place to start other than at the New Afrika Shrine. Read the 4-part Fela series:

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Retracing Fela Kuti: Watching Femi Kuti at The New Afrika Shrine (Part 4)

8. Attend Pastor Pastor Adeyemi Nike’s Women Conference

On my second day in Lagos we attend Daystar’s Woman of Destiny Conference 2017 to find fresh inspiration and be empowered to STEP UP in love, life and purpose. Pastor Bola Akinlabi gave a talk on how to step up, step out and step in that had me asking myself life questions like – how much have you matured lately? Pastor Nike also gave a powerful talk. She’ quite influential in Nigeria, check her out.

9. Have Plantain for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


I adore how Naija people adore their plantain and have it with everything. It’s cheap, sweet and mighty tasty.

10. Pimp yourself – get a celebrity photo shoot! 

If you’re ever in Lagos and want to a dope photo shoot, contact my friend and creative director at Klefricz Media – Klef via +2348064819078 I met Klef when he was still operating from a tiny shop inside Alaba. At that point, he didn’t have much but the inborn talent, an assistant and mere posters of past jobs to display on the shops walls.


Fast forward to two years later when I visited his new offices and house along Lekki. From Alaba to Lekki guys! His high tech studio equipment and perfectly framed portrait pictures of some of Nigeria’s high profile celebs and models hanging on the wall glare at me on arrival at his new work space. Klef is so good, this photo shoot wasn’t even planned it was just random. I am now planning a big collaborative project between Anyiko PR and Klef – set to go down in Nairobi this August.

That’s all! So next time you’re in Lagos – you know what to do! 🙂