Dear lover,

It’s crazy that you haven’t spoken to me in 6 weeks! It’s shady that i hadn’t given you your token, not of recognition but of appreciation. These sheets have been cold since your depreciation, not of the financial streets but of my heart that beats, bleeds, shit! See this is me writing you this letter because am tired of biting my nails thinking of you, am tied of wanting to be better without you, hoping later this will emancipate me, confiscate any trace of you in me, so baby please relate to it, hate it but i said it mate, i want peace.

This morning i woke up so scared so i had to share this with you, you know, declare a few things, new thrills for you. Last night i had a nightmare, i was right there, you were stuck in a rubble, it was terrible! I couldn’t save you nor have you, i couldn’t see you nor seek through the rocks, stones, i was left alone frightened,  my fears heightened, my tears were flowing, not like a river but snowing like a storm in Alaska, i must have been knowing that it was the end, the world was falling, i was calling out your name, its shame you couldn’t hear me, near me, see me, so you succumbed to the tragedy and i got numb from the parody.

I just wanted to know how you are, if you are sure, is it not me you wanna share with, this eternity, this un certainty, i believe its your prerogative. I know that it might just have been a dream, but it seems I lack the might to ignore it, instead i have the light  to acknowledge it. I am gonna cut to the chase, as i don’t wanna get hurt in the race. Got a couple of questions for you, when you get this letter, i better get reactions from you baby, lately it’s been explosions in my head, memories when  in my bed, melodies of regret anyway,

Well i am sorry i am a little late to ask this, do not dismiss this, and by the way, i got the message you sent me 2 weeks ago. I wont deny not having replied, but i was at the massage parlor, i got carried away by the colour of relaxation and determination to sabotage your efforts, you echoes in my mind, time has healed me, now release me. P.S You don’t have to answer me if it’s too personal, but do your thoughts of me ever become sensual? Do you ever reminisce of us on the bathroom floor, at the showroom back door, do you miss me?

Love, your somewhat jilted Lover.